Barbie The Pearl Princess 2-In-1 Transforming Mermaid Doll


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  • In new DVD Barbie The Pearl Princess, Barbie stars as a beautiful mermaid princess with a magical power over pearls

  • Recreate her magical transformation from mermaid to mermaid princess, with this doll, who changes her look with the press of a button

  • Her gorgeous pearl necklace hides the mechanism - push and her outfit transforms from mermaid to mermaid princess

  • To add to the drama, her hair changes color in water!

  • Keep it long and flowing with the comb tucked into her fin and hidden away

Barbie doll's hair goes through a magical change in water
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Push her gorgeous pearl necklace and Barbie doll's outfit transforms
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Comb tucks magically into Barbie's mermaid fin
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Animated Fun

In the new fantastic underwater adventure Barbie and the Pearl Princess, Barbie stars as a beautiful mermaid princess with a magical power over pearls. A kind and creative soul, she uses it to style fabulous hair for her friends and clients at the mermaid salon. On an exciting journey to the Mermaid Kingdom, she experiences a dramatic transformation into a true princess when she attends the royal ball under the sea. Barbie and The Pearl Princess 2-in-1 Mermaid doll celebrates her transformation from a mermaid hairstylist to a mermaid princess (who still likes to style hair!).

Easy Transformation

This gorgeous mermaid enchants in a pink bandeau top with faux pearl trim, straps, and accent. Her shimmery blue tail has a scaled design, a pretty blue fin, and a soft blue sash at the waist. Chains of beads drape her neck, among which is the transformation mechanism. Simply push the big white pearl on her necklace to reveal the mermaid princess hidden inside. The tail flips open becoming the soft train of a captivating look perfect for a new royal.

Endless Fun

Barbie doll will be the belle of the mermaid ball in this look with beaded accents on the scaled ombre tail and a diamond-like gem on one hip. The color fades from pink to purple to a golden yellow that stands out against the sheer purple and iridescent pink fabric that makes up the train. When its time to swim home, fold the skirt into the open tail and close to start a new story. Girls will love reliving the transformation over and over again.

Mermaid Beauty Secrets

For even more magical fun, use ice cold water to effect color change in her hair. Apply cold water to see pink streaks appear; use warm water to return to blonde. A comb hidden in her fins is perfect for styling her long wavy locks (simply pull comb out and slide back in), and a pink tiara with a seashell design is the perfect mermaid princess touch.

Product Features:
  • Watch Barbie doll go through a wondrous transformation with the Barbie The Pearl Princess 2-in-1 Mermaid doll
  • Recreate magical moments from Barbie and the Pearl Princess movie
  • Barbie doll transforms from a mermaid to mermaid princess with the push of one button
  • Use ice cold water to reveal an even more magical change in Barbies long beautiful hair
  • Hidden comb tucks perfectly into her fins

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